Personal Training

Invictus Personal Training and Education brings a wide range of experience and expertise.

We can offer knowledgeable, gimmick free advice and with our no nonsense attitude we can offer you advice on how to maximise your potential because we’ve been there and done it. So stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for the scales to read a particular number, for life. Take action. Demand is the most potent when we place it upon ourselves. You just have to create that demand. You are pure potential. Seek and you shall find, and above all, conquer.

Weight Loss

In theory, weight loss is really simple. All you have to do is create an energy deficit in your body. But weight loss successes doesn’t start on your plate or in the gym, it starts in your mind. A remarkable mind response happens when you have absolute belief in that something will work. So as well as the desire to lose weight, you have to believe that you can.

The science bit. Researchers in the Netherlands monitored people in a weight loss programme for eight weeks and studied their beliefs about whether they would be successful at losing weight. Those that believed it was possible lost significantly more weight than those who thought their weight issues arose from reasons that they didn’t have any control over.

All too often, the only thing from stopping us from succeeding is ourselves. Believing in our ability to reach our goals is called self-efficacy and research has found strong links between self-efficacy and success. Our lives are the sum of small things we do day in, day out and every choice that we make is significant. The best way to make big change happen is one small change at a time. At Invictus Personal Training and Education we will help you make these small changes and support you throughout your journey which will lead you to a happier, healthier you.

Nutritional advice, diet and nutrition plans

In today’s fast paced society there never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Our experienced professionals can give you dietary advice and individualised nutritional plans that suit you. We offer advice and nutritional plans for conditions such as gluten intolerance, Coeliack and other health related conditions linked to nutritional deficiencies. We have vast experience in preparing bodybuilders for competition, diet preparation for competitive combat athletes, elite athletes and elite teams both off-season and in preparation for national competitions. We have vast experience in preparing nutritional plans for sustainable weight loss. Again, at Invictus Personal Training and Education, our experience and expertise means that we can offer knowledgeable, gimmick free advice dispelling the myths and fads.

We run bespoke interactive workshops and seminars for individuals, small or large groups which will give you the ‘know how’ to assess your own nutritional needs, understand food labels, manage your weight and improve your energy levels, debunking the diet myths along the way. You will learn how to boost your immunity and enhance your sports performance through diet. You will learn the importance and impact that nutrition has on health.

Strength and conditioning plans

At Invictus Personal Training and Education, our experience and expertise lends itself to designing sport specific strength and conditioning plans for both team and individuals. We can design programmes ranging from individual sessions to full 12 month strength and conditioning programmes. Our programmes can be designed to be inclusive of macro, meso and microcyles encompassing different phases throughout the required period or season, for example anatomical adaptation, hypertrophy, strength and power phases. Team nutritional plans and individualised nutritional plans are also available.

Special populations

With our experience in working with the UK’s largest GP referral scheme, rehabilitating people with medical ailments through exercise and furthermore delivering mobility and exercise sessions to residents of care and nursing homes to improve health and wellbeing, we have the knowledge and hands on experience to design programs and personal training instruction catering for various medical ailments including high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, stroke, hypoxic brain injury and furthermore rehabilitating individuals from past injuries.