With over 25 years teaching experience in schools including the private sector, lecturing in colleges and universities and as advanced skills teachers, at Invictus Eduaction we have been facilitating learning and supporting learners in a number of fields ranging from level 1 to level 6 qualifications, with consistent outstanding results. Our experienced tutors are qualified teachers who know how to boost your confidence by making learning fun and engaging. A personalised learning programme will be created that is just right for your needs. We specialise in BTEC Sport, GCSE and A Level P.E.

Internal Quality Assurance

As qualified assessors and IQA’s, we offer assessor and IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) services.

As qualified assessors and IQA’s we consistently ensure the highest standards of quality assurance are adhered to by other teachers, lecturers and assessors not only in the delivery and certification of the Fitness Instructing and Personal Training qualifications for various awarding bodies, but also other sports related courses for various awarding bodies.

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An apprenticeship is a great way to begin or develop your career in the health and fitness industry. They give you the opportunity to earn a salary while you receive free training in your workplace. We can provide the technical certificate delivery of apprenticeship based programmes in Sport and Leisure as well as Fitness Instruction and Personal Training based qualifications. We have a wealth of experience in delivering apprenticeship programmes with consistent outstanding achievement rates.

We also offer assessor and IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) services for apprenticeship programmes.

To speak to one of our team, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.