We have been coaching and educating PE teachers, coaches, novices and elite athletes for over 25 years…

ITF Taekwondo

Running a successful ITF Taekwondo club in North Yorkshire we have first hand experience coaching fighters in preparation for competition, alongside running one to one sessions to improve technique and ability, health and to improve confidence and wellbeing in both adults and children.

Contact us to discuss how our 1-to-1 sessions can help guide Tae-Kwon-Do students through their patterns from beginner to black belt. Do you want to improve every aspect of your own sparring? As part of making your Tae-Kwon-Do sparring more effective we will anlayse the fundamentals of stance, movement and defence as well as core attacking techniques. Sparring strategy such as creating openings, effective combinations and counter attacks, as well as assessing opponents will be examined.

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